The Old Lady

A while ago,

I realized,

I was not missed anymore.


That day,

I skipped work,

worried sick the boss would call.

The phone never buzzed,

though I held it tight alright.


My friends,

they loved a great party.

The latest grapevine was,

I don’t host them anymore.

I did get a letter.



He said he loved me.

Got gifts from each country’s duty free.

I admired them in that big mansion,

showed them to the walls,

as they looked the other side.


So I sat

in a pavement,

of a nameless street.


when all this began.

When did I stop getting missed.


Then came an old lady,

if one could call her that.

Took a spot next to me,

coz I took hers unknowingly.

After a spell,

she said,

“I have nothing to me,

and for that fancy ring of yours,

I will hear your story”.


I did just that,

and she told me one thing,

“Would you miss the life you made,

for others to miss you so”.


I carry that line,

wherever I go.

And I never realized,

I wasn’t missed no more.