A closed chapter

As you face another loaded second,

A story gone wrong.

Are you still at the first chapter?

It started with love. Surprise surprise,

the plot had a twist.

This book is best in a library, and you,

can you write another?

Reality check

Tiptoeing through each tentative second,

Clear thoughts, shaky hands, dizzy world.

This place seems not so great any more.

Smiles plastered, sharks n teeth,

Friends lost, others a strange mix.

Share yourself

Or you are history.

Yet, you watch your words.

If you are real here,

They’ll give you a label.

Finding myself

I collect parts of myself, ones that roll like coins in a silent room. These are messages hidden in some corner, perhaps under the sofa. I put them in a teacup. No cream or sugar there. And I find the flavor of me again.

Just now

I counted all the leaves in the tree till I reached the last that fell down. It was winter, and I used it to warm my palms. But I forgot my count. That’s when my days felt lovely. 

Ode to a flower

I asked her, how do you feel beautiful flower, knowing of your short life. She said, why do you waste precious moments in contemplation and soak in the joy of my being.