The last chapter

He left in a hurry, dreams of treats and tricks. I knew he would be heartbroken. Leaving his love, landing with a thud. Each day he waited, a voiceless want of no treats and tricks. Restless, relentless, his train would come, as he sat in the opposite station. Never lost his memories, sometimes I wished he had. Swimming in his tears, blocked by doorless ice. No windows too. He didn’t mind being tricked, but the game had lost its fun. Never gave up, he knew his love had not left him, he had. Hiding beneath the carpet, her scent was not nearly enough. Searching for their secret space, untouched by messy minds. They did meet someday, I think. Each a ghost, aware that there were no choices. Anymore. One day, she died, or something did. His love never left him but the train didn’t arrive again.