6 thoughts on “Terms of engagement

  1. That is… quite a talkback, of sorts.
    However, in the spirit of inquiry, allow me this question: If not these, why else would anyone want people around ?

    My personal opinion is that an individual is pretty much a complete entity. One should not be either someone’s holiday spot or the person to fall back upon.

    1. Thanks a lot Tatsat for your perceptive comments. My thought behind this piece was triggered by the difference between love and needs and I hope to develop this theme more:) your comment on a person not being someone’s holiday spot was quite amazing!

      1. It will be something to watch out for then.
        The theme is something I have not given much thought. Not till now. But it is an interesting proposition isn’t it ? I have come to believe that love, in the conventional mortal sense, is overrated, and that it is a luxury for those who seek ( and can afford ) fulfillment through others. That said, I am open to correction.

        Do write about it, if time permits.
        Holiday spot- well… “Il n’y a pas de fumée sans feu” 🙂

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