ImageMy aloneness

inspires me,

transfixes me,

cripples me,

liberates me.

I have traveled this whole life with him.

He doesn’t let me go,

or let me be.


He loves me to distraction.

I know its a fatal attraction.

At tiny moments,

I think,

what if I run away.

Can I?

But he’s my shadow,

the only safety shade I know.

I may be a step ahead,

but he is always behind me.

Sometimes I wish

he had another lover,

and I could go under cover,

only to discover,

his morbid power,

over my emotional tower.

4 thoughts on “Aloneness

  1. Your non-adherance to a set rhyme pattern seems off-putting at first, but then after another read through gains charm — like there are different movements to this poem, each with its own flavour and feeling. I enjoyed the last “movement” the best. Loneliness is a frequent lover of mine as well (but please don’t be jealous — you can have him, darling).

    1. Your comment brought many a spontaneous laugh! I truly appreciate that you also enjoyed the piece I wrote. Thanks for your words. Have a nice day.

  2. I think there is a difference between being alone and being lonely.
    One can be embraced, the other creates the need to embrace others.

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