There is hell in heaven too,

though the divine ones speak otherwise.

Ask me, and I’ll tell you.

Of the seething, sinking decadence above.

Nothing higher than the highest.

The boring morbidity of perfection.


So they seek the mortals below.

Not perfect, though happier still.

And fling a sorrow or two.

Smiling with a perverse enjoyment.

Ah! So heavenly……


(I thought of this piece from the perspective that joy can exist irrespective of any human flaw and maybe in our striving for the ideal state, we forgot that perhaps that’s how the Gods’ really wanted it for us!)

One thought on “Goodness Me

  1. It does seem that in either life it is more natural for joy to coexist with sorrow. We think we decide if things are good or bad, but nature teaches us differently, things are as they are and find a way toward balance… A very thoughtful poem!

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