‘You whipped my heart with your loving words,

So the only balm was to silence you.’


I wrote this little piece for all the people who literally knock us down with kindness. Sometimes, a wound just needs time to heal, and if people let us be, and give us time to be by ourselves, maybe we would resurface surer and better!There's a light inside me...

The Luxury of Schedules

The luxury of schedules.

10-7s, planned weekend trysts.

Calendars booked chock-a-block.

Networks, events, and yes,

friends who always visit announced.

You have arrived.

Rightly so,

Visible, and the world loves you.

Bit by bit,

medal by medal,

you strip it all.

Were you not trained

to lock that silent space?

A collective voice cautions you.

As you gun for the point

where diagonals meet.

Visions are good for dreamers

Not leaders.

Without safety, mates, privileges.

Though caffeine soaked goals

and your voice for company.

How is it that you feel so good?

As you rewrite your story,

Insane perhaps,

you might just be part of history.

Virtually Hidden

I sit behind that old painting

made by a forgotten artist.

I blanket myself

in the warmth of an ice cube.

I am a shadow that hides

in the rays of eclipsed moons.

The virtual world is my soul mate,

and I,

just another piece of random words.

Lying within that one teardrop

of an abandoned lover.

Time displaced, emotions replaced,

I wonder,

‘Do you covet me still?’

“Emptiness surfaced
when I scratched the surface.”

Written for all the well-packaged players who lack depth one encounters in every day life.